~10 signs that he like u.. ^^

hi allz..ha..nmpk title 2?
arini lya nk share sikit la ngan korang
yg confuse2 2 dgn prgai pelik llki yg tbe2 je jd pelik.. (paham x ayt ni?)
n bgi korang2 yg nk tw sme ade llki uh suke korang or x kan3..
ha..sini lya nk share sikit la ngan korang..

1. Watching the same movie twice:-
**He's seen the movie. Although he wasn't very impressed with it, but because you haven't catch it he suddenly changed his tune and said he really would like to watch it a second time.

2.2. His car is playing songs that just sound too, familiar?:-
**Because those are your favorites! You have merely casually mentioned to him once, and the next time he drives you, you're in for a musical feast.

3. He asks that question!:-
**Well, he will try to be as casual and nonchalant about it as possible. But no matter how cool he acts, deep down inside he is burning and dying to know the answer to this question:
                                                  "So, are you single?"

4. He asks for a follow-up date even before the date is over:-
**Now if he isn't interested in you, why would a man be so anxious to "book" your time for another date with him even when the date is only half-way through?

5. Your name is not foreign to his friends:-
**If you do get a chance to meet up with his friends, which you know you can create such opportunities, you'll get some nice juicy bits from them.

6.He can't remove his eyes from you:-
**Ok, we know that's not the kind of stare-through-your-clothes type, but rather a slightly more loving kind of gaze that speaks of admiration and liking.

7. He prompts you:-
**Every now and then, he will find a chance to ask you what type of guy you are attracted to and are looking for in a partner.

8.He is doing you favors:-
**Yes, he doesn't mind ferrying you around if he has a car. He will also volunteer to accompany you all the way to an out-of-the-way place to satisfy a sudden craving you have for a food delicacy that is sold there.
He wiil help you with your school work, express his interest in lending you a hand for errands you need to run, buy some things for your family etc.

9.He's very anxious about celebrating special occasions.:-
**Like Valentine's Day (if he asks you out on that day, I would really suspect his intention, wouldn't you?) and your birthday.

10.He buys you gifts:-
**Sending gifts on no apparent occasion and for no reason is the easiest way for a man to declare his interest in a girl without verbalizing it. By giving you something, he is testing to see how you react. Usually he will do this when he still isn't sure of how you feel towards him, so at least he won't feel rejected if you reject his gift.
At the same time, he is hoping to make you happy with that gift. And if you are happy, he will be too!

#so..ni je la yg lya dpt ek..ni lya amek point2 sahaje..klu ade lagi yg best2 t lya post lagi..enjoy reading allz.. :)

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