ha..ni lya nk share sikit ngan korang..
ayat2 yg best..menusuk kalbu konon..keke
~enjoy reading aa.. ^^
 ~the bravest are the tenderest,
the loving are the daring.. ^^

~i love walking in the rain because,
no one know i'm crying.. ^^

~if i has to choose between loving u
and breathing,
i would use my last breath to say
"I LOVE U".. ^^

~i love u not for what u are,
but for what i am
when i am with u.. ^^

~if u love something,
let it go,
if it comes back to u,
it's yours forever,
if it doesn't,
then it was never meant to be.. ^^

~the one that u love the most
are ususally the one that
hurt u the most..^^

~pleasure of love last but a moment,
pain of love lasts a lifetime.. ^^

**that's all for this post..t lya post agy k.. ^^ enjoy reading~enjoy ur life..n bagi yg couple uh..moga korang together gether till ur last breath..n bagi yg single uh..moge korang jumpe korang punye CHENTA HATI 2 nanti..hehe..muackss.. ^^ <3

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